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In Seesaw House you find cultural and artistic events:
– Dance, theatre, live music and poetry performances
– Art expositions

All the events are organized in a season bimonthly, the SWAP Season (Seesaw Artists Partnership).

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Seesaw House wants to give support, in terms of creative space and fruitful exchange, to artists who have work-in-progress productions. It hosts national and international companies, choreographers and directors who have the willingness to research and experiment the use of different languages in their piece and who have the willingness to share their works to reach their maximum expressive potential.

At the end of the residency, there will be a public demonstration, an open exchange with the audience, and the chance to organize a workshop.

The residencies are offered in two ways, through Calls that are published on the website and the main platforms: and through requests by email with the following attachment: CV of the director/choreographer or the Company; Synopsis and/or description of the work; technical rider; link video (not just trailer or promo); short work plan during the residency.



During the year, Seesaw House offers intensive workshops of contemporary dance, physical theatre, GAGA, Floorwork, Contact Improvisation, Progressive Ballet Technique, Functional Singing (Canto Funzionale) connected to the movement, dramaturgy related to dance and theatre, DanceAbility, Music in Movement (musical technique and language).

Laboratories led by different professionals such as choreographers, actors, musicians, and directors take place to give the opportunities to experience and deepen their works.

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Seesaw House is open to support projects in line with its mission, which is projects aimed at connecting philosophy, arts, and health care.

We welcome initiatives that offer support and focus on improving psychological and social wellbeing for any age; artistic projects that seek to get the audience closer to dance, theatre and music, and that are dedicated to value culture and social awareness on current themes.

Projects 2019:

– “Legami Wireless” supported by Piano B, il Piano Giovani Alto Garda e Ledro¬†“Nuove tradizioni”


seesawseesawhouse_riva del garda


In Italy there is an official Poetry Slam championship organized by the LIPS (Lega Italiana Poetry Slam) and, in the city of Trento there is our Collective, the Trento Poetry Slam which represents the Region. We are a cultural association APS dedicated to social awareness and progress which unifies people to organize and promote artistic, cultural and social events. Up until now, we organized 100 events and many collaborations with other realities in line with our mission.

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Compagnie Voix encourages communication through movement and choreography, meta-linguistics, the relationship between dance and science, new dance and contemporary art applications. Its activities are applied in education, research, experimentation, creation and production. Compagnie Voix is an international choreographic research project applying new media, with the aim placing the audience at the center of the experience: we create choreographies from the analysis of languages, to go beyond forms, and dig into what consciousness is. Through this, we seek the horizontal diffusion of the practice of dance


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The Euthaleia Orchestra was born in 2018 thanks to Valeria Ottaviani and Carolina Talamo, two professional musicians. Their drive arises from the desire to make music, spread culture and, at the same time, to share meaningful experiences with peers and the audience.
The name Euthaleia comes from the ancient Greek and it refers to the blossoming. The word encompasses the freshness of young artists united from their dedication and love for music.



Contemporary dance and physical theatre workshop. Starting from September 2020.