Picture by J. Salvi

SEESAW HOUSE is, first of all, a house which desires to host all the people who are in love with culture and arts, with philosophy and poetry. It is a place open to anybody who looks for a fruitful exchange on contemporary themes and who is curious about having a dialog with the dance and theatre Company that inhabits it, Seesaw Dance Company.
Seesaw House is born to be the house for all people who have different needs and necessities that goes from the psychological sphere to the physical and motor ones, and who want to know themselves deeply and to improve their quality of life through encounter and relationship.
It is a space dedicated to creation, production, and to cultural and artistic exchange, it is a place where diversity is richness and the sense of community is at the base of any gesture.
Furthermore, it offers educational, psychological and psycho-physical support to family and children with different needs and difficulties, and it collaborates with local realities like schools, ASL, cooperatives and other associations.

Seesaw House has a waiting room also used as a lounge for sharing, a central studio-office, two studios (23 sm), and a big studio bright, soundproofed (120 sm) and with a grand piano.
The space is an architectural project by LAK Architetti.

In the following you find the events, the activities and the services in place divided according to areas of interests:

Rehabilitative interventions for any age and individualized psycho-educative programs for children and adolescents based on the Feuerstein Method; therapeutic programs based on the DIR-Floortime; emotional, psycho-physical and psychological support; psychotherapy; EMDR therapy; physiotherapy treatment and manual therapy.

Philosophy 4 Children (P4C) laboratories; Seminars and Symposia; Embodied Philosophy, Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre, Floorwork, DanceAbility, Progressing Ballet Technique, Contact Improvisation, ContaKids, Canto Funzionale (functional singing) workshops; Yoga, Ballet and Postural Training classes.

Dance, theatre, and live music performances with national and international artists; a monthly Season of artistic and cultural events dedicated to social awareness, sharing of ideas, fun, and reflection about contemporary themes; Arts Expositions; Artistic Residencies.

For the rental of the studios please contact:


+39 388 94 751 78 

+39 348 311 33 98



Contemporary dance and physical theatre workshop. Starting from September 2020.